Bringing the world to Oslo one song at a time

Oslo Global Choir

Oslo Global Choir (OGC) reflects the spirit of the city of Oslo, which is vibrant; diverse; dynamic and, today, a truly global city with just no looking back. Founded in 2013  and originally known as Cafeteatret World Choir by artistic directors Nina Vestby and Ombeline Chardes; today OGC has grown to more than 25 singers committed to creating good music and a lasting impression with our audiences. OGC presents an eclectic repertoire at lively concerts with musical genres including pop, rock, chanson française, Norsk, Samisk, and world music.

Mission statement

OGC is an established amateur choir providing opportunities ranging from personal vocal training (open-to-all to artistic growth) to forming spin-off musical groups for talented musicians. The songs in our repertoire are chosen by our members and curated by an artistic committee. Embracing diversity in our membership and in our music; we seek to “Bring the world to Oslo one song at a time”.  OGC also collaborates with talented and accomplished musicians from Norway and around the world to create musical; educational and adventurous experiences for our members and audiences. Membership of the choir is open to those who are committed to learning how to sing; regardless of experience (beginners, amateurs and (semi-)professional musicians are welcome), and is based on an initiation and joining process.

Our Values

We want our members and our audience to realize the healing power of self-expression through the use of the human singing voice.

We help each other to improve as singers; we sing both in unison and harmony.
We anticipate and take care of each others’ needs as good human beings.

We bring a feeling of oneness and community in Oslo through our voice and other voluntary activities.

We believe not only in the “unity in diversity” but also the many shades and colours that diversity brings to our musical expression and growing humanity.

We strive to improve our vocal technique; breathing technique; individual and group posture; and ultimately the feelings; emotions; and impressions that we pass on through our songs.

We  collaborate with amateur singers and musicians from around the world to create good music for us and for our audiences.

Non-profit and affordable
We are non-profit and we want the choir to be affordable to people from all walks of life; young, old, students, professionals, artists, rich and poor alike.

Democracy where necessary
Songs in the choir are chosen by it’s members and curated by an artistic committee based on a set of rules determining the choir friendliness/suitability of the song and the available budget.

Supported by Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret

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